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Day 5

Up and Go and Fruit Brick

Our great grandmothers used sugar to starch their petticoats.

Sugar is also used to harden asphalt, plus slows the settings of ready mix concrete and glue (meaning my stomach is currently a cement mixer).


So today started with a strong feeling of lethargy but amongst the gloom was the thought of no more Just Right and low fat yoghurt. Instead I opted for a liquid breakfast, one aptly named ‘Up and Go’.  Two boxes of these 250ml banana flavoured beauties with their combined 9 teaspoons of sugar acted like a set of jumper leads to my brain and nervous system and I was catapulted into monday the 5th of August.

As I am rapidly learning though, this catapult rightly dumped me 45 minutes later and I found myself staring at the fridge in a dull Sanatarium induced fog.

The answer to all my troubles lay in 3 chunky slices of Tip Top Cafe Raisin toast. I would have called the product ‘Fruit Brick’ but with their 4 teaspoons of sugar per slice I wasn’t complaining. The 3 slices mainlined the sugar straight into my system and I was in love with the world again.

I cannot believe how quickly I am noticing the effects of sugar on my moods. I know others may not be as sensitive as me, but I think many would be, they just wouldn’t be aware of how much sugar they are having.  We are setting up some tests with a university to look at this a little more closely.

My lunch was finishing off last night’s chicken dessert invention; 6 teaspoons and I washed it down with 400 ml of apple juice with 10 teaspoons.

With only 3 teaspoons remaining I ate an incredible meal prepared my wonderful lady. It was a perfectly cooked steak with a brussel sprout salad and cauliflower gratin. 1 teaspoon.

The only thing left to do was to destroy a fruit stick kids snack bar. 4 teaspoons.

40 teaspoons. 5 days down.

I got some great news back from the lab today. I have had countless blood tests and samples before I started (12 needles) and they are all being monitored by one of Australia’s leading clinical pathologists, Professor Ken Sikaris. He said that my levels were at a very healthy starting point and due to no alcohol or coffee for 5 years, plus little sugar for 2, we are really going to see what impact a high sugar diet has on the internal organs.

The point of the film is that the diet I am eating is not far from an average Australian diet. Hopefully we will see what effects the foods we are currently eating are having on us.

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