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Day 57

The Gummi Bear Vitamins

If I still feel a deep need to have sugar in my life in some capacity after sunday, here are some other uses for it:

If I store my cheese with sugar cubes it will not go mouldy.  Handy.

When added to warm water sugar is terrific at removing grass stains.  For the pending child.

Sugar is great to clean coffee bean and spice grinders.  Hmm.

When sprinkled onto lipstick and then licked off, it helps it to set and then extends the application. Perfect.

To be honest, at this moment of the experiment, I really don’t want to use or see sugar in any form or shape for a while. Even if it helped to change the baby’s nappies I would still deny it access to the house. We just need some time apart. 

Quite a shock this morning at breakfast, which is rare this far in when it comes to sugar. My lady picked me up some Nutri Grain in a fun pack and also some Rice Bubbles so I made a bowl of very odd snapping, crackling iron man ‘food’ and then lathered some low fat yoghurt on top. The shock came with the tiny tub of Ski Vanilla Creme low fat yoghurt. 52 grams of sugar in the tiny vessel, 8 for lactose and I was still facing 11 teaspoons. Combined with the cereal hybrid mess, it made for a horrendous start to the day (14).

I buzzed about like a wired Iron Man with no triathlon to run and instead released the energy onto the keyboard. I was the Grant Kenny of typing and muscled my way through some script writing.

The high was really high so when it faded I needed to get right up there again. Too easy when you have a 600ml Oak flavoured Milk in the fridge. Poured it down my throat like a Solo advert (lots of manliness drinking going on today) and felt the rush of the 15 teaspoons of sugar fire up the cylinders again.

I had to head into town so the the lady and I enjoyed a very healthy bean salad and I began to feel a little shaky from the pure health of it.

I headed into town but stopped at the service station for fuel for the car and fructose for me. Apple Juice. Mainlined. 11 teaspoons. Boom.

I then had a meeting with the nutritionist and discussed the detox. The beautiful detox, now just fleeting moments away. There were words used I had never heard of that evoked ancient mountain tops and a slew of bottles with very green powders and liquids. I really am in good hands with this operation and I will try and share parts of the process. I am not going to be able to write extensively because I really need a break and I need to get my head into ‘first time father’ mode, but I will try and list the things I eat each day and the exercises but there will be minimal verbal wankery. “Thank God for that” I hear you cry, “Just give us the facts and shut up.”

I came home to an incredible slow cooked (7 hours) beef dish that nearly brought tears. Even though it tasted bland and sour, I knew that in a week or two it will taste like paradise again and the palate will once again be a finely tuned instrument of precision eating. The sugar veil will be torn down and the hijacker will have been brutally taken out by the palette police. There will be dancing in the streets.

Thanks again for the kind support and its great reading people’s own battles and stories. We are all in this together and I really feel this film will open people’s eyes to a substance that has been controlling them their whole life. Its an empowering feeling as a human being to not be under the control of anything. We live in a world where that is increasingly hard to do. At least with sugar, you have a clear choice and you don’t have to rely on anyone else. Its ultimately a simple step (after withdrawals) but it can have incredibly powerful implications for you and everyone around you.

57 done and another 40.

PS I found these ‘Nature’s Way’ Gummi Vitamins in the supermarket today and threw up in my mouth a bit (which is what the vitamins may help fix). They are sugar coated (6 equalled 2 teaspoons of sugar). Apparently it helps the medicine go down. In the most delightful way.


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