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Day 6


A man told me today that if you want to get rid of an ant mound, pour sugar down the hole. The ants will eat all the sugar until they die. Comforting.

Breakfast was greeted enthusiastically this morning at the thought of a new cereal to try. Sultana Bran with oatmeal clusters. At 30 grams of sugar in my bowl or 7 teaspoons of sugar, they didn’t disappoint. The 2 scoops of low fat strawberry yogurt on top was the icing on the cake (nearly literally). 4 teaspoons.

I then did some work very productively until 45 minutes later when the now familiar ‘gaze into space’ engaged. The remedy was a chunk of the ‘fruit brick’ raisin toast (4 teaspoons) and a box of Woolworths crunchy apple fruit drink with its 24 grams of sugar or 6 teaspoons.

Lunch was a gourmet lean burger at a cafe with a bit too much relish. That’s getting 3 teaspoons and one for the Turkish bread makes 4.

I snacked again soon after on a very healthily marketed, green labelled ‘Natures Valley’ nutty almond bar (2 teaspoons) and an even more purely marketed Emma and Tom’s Karmarama juice with 40 grams or 10 teaspoons crammed into its 350ml plastic home.

Sugar certainly does promote grazing. You don’t get the satiated feeling that fat provides, it’s all just zipping from flower to flower like a bee extracting nectar. I’ll take bee over ant given what I learnt today.

Dinner was a delicious beef short rib with a caramelised sauce and some Chinese broccoli and greens (much needed). 3 teaspoons for the sauce, though I think I’m being generous.

40 teaspoons easily and 6 days down.

There was definitely a shift today. For the first time my body took this new diet seriously and motioned that maybe tomorrow we could have a day off. The irony was not lost on me as I drank the Emma and Tom’s Karmarama. I feel my body may seek a Tarantino like redemption in the weeks ahead.

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