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No added sugar birthday party food!


A celebratory cake is likely to contain some sweet stuff, and the occasional slice for most is perfectly okay!

However, adding to that the sugary foods typically found at a kid’s birthday party can result in sugar overload.

Here we have a selection of no added sugar food and drink ideas perfect for a party, that don’t sub out on fun or flavour!

Buckwheat blini
This simple and delicious pikelet, topped with something tasty like 100% nut butter, ricotta cheese, or berries and yoghurt, offers a slowly released source of nutritious energy to keep the kids sustained for party-game focus!

Cups of soup
Think of your kid’s favourite veggie, and make a soup out of it! Especially good for cooler months, serving up small cups of warmed soup for kids to sip and slurp ensures they enjoy some nutrition on a typically nutritionally devoid day!

Just be wary of the consistency – if it is very thick or has chunky bits, you may need to supply spoons as well.

Smoothie pops
Try any of these summer lovin’ smoothie pop recipe ideas or get creative with your own concoctions to serve up tasty ice blocks that won’t result in a sugar crash.

All you’ll need are some moulds, something to use for popsticks, a blender, and smoothie pop worthy foods to blend!

Smoothie pops

Watermelon frappe
For summertime parties, this simple (and cost-effective) watermelon and mint slushie is a winner.

Nutty banana bread balls
All the scrumptiousness of traditional banana bread while being good for you!

Leave the sugar-laden, refined white flour banana bread recipe behind and opt for these nutty banana bread balls of real, whole food goodness.

Choc banana celebration cake
Banana and chocolate. Two favourites among kids!

The choc and banana cake is naturally sweetened by banana and dates, and while one shouldn’t go overboard with dried fruit, it is great as a delectable and natural sweetener for celebratory creations such as this!

Keep it simple
Other food and drink options can include:

  • Veggie sticks with hummus
  • Homemade roasted veggie chips
  • Falafels, lentil or meatballs, or sliced frittata
  • Sliced cheddar cheese sticks or fun shapes cut with cookie cutters
  • Sliced fruit and 100% seed or nut butter
  • Fruit skewers
  • Punchbowl of soda water infused with berries and slices of citrus

The party conclusion
When the fun-times are wrapping up, sub-out the conventional candy-crammed party bag for alternatives we’ve suggested here. Then send the tackers on their merry way!

By Angela Johnson (BHSc Nut Med)

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