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The Film

The Film

That Sugar Film, yours to download and watch as many times as you like. Get your partner, kids and friends on the couch and get informed.



Every three days, you’ll receive a new module packed with nutritional information, food tips and recipes, plus an easy-to-answer quiz to test your knowledge.

Recipe Ideas

Recipe Ideas

Healthy meal planning has never been easier with over 50 delicious recipes, that are low on sugar, big on taste - and exclusive to members. Cook now, or save for later.

Expert advice

Expert advice

Your online community, managed by our nutritionists, for people like you that want to build healthy eating habits. Ask questions, share stories, get support.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how easy it is to swap out the processed foods for easy, healthy meals everyone can enjoy.

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Did you know?

The World Health Organisation recommends we consume no more than six teaspoons or 25g of added sugar each day.

The average Australian consumes fourteen teaspoons, or 60g, a day. Over a third of these added sugars are found in commonly perceived “healthy” foods.

Not many people realise that their breakfast yoghurt or cereal can be the culprit, or that the smoothie we have in place of a soft drink can do the same amount of damage. 

Finally, there is a program that will forever change the way you think about “healthy” food.

"I have been told by my doctor to lose weight and cut out added sugar, but I honestly didn’t realise how easy it was until I watched your movie. This program has helped me so much, I cannot thank you enough. Keep up the good work!"

Jenny Haldaf


As a mum of 5, 2 grandchildren, I thought that I was a healthy food provider and although as a comparison – yes I am. But WOW!!! No where near where I should be. Opened my eyes. You made my job as a parent so much easier.
Both my partner and I have struggled with our weight all our lives. Prior to this we both ate in a way from what we had thought/had been taught was right. At 39 I felt like I was 79. Now I am 40 and I have never felt better and healthier in my life!
I watched That Sugar Film at the cinema a while ago and today purchased the DVD. I sat with my 12 year old while he watched it this afternoon and I took note of his reaction. He made the following comment: WOAH. OH GEE. IT’S ALL IN THE SUGAR.

Sugar is hidden in almost 80% of foods on our supermarket shelves.

Learn how to choose wisely

30 days to a better you


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That Sugar Movement 30-day Kick Start program has been created by our team of qualified dietitians and nutritionists to support balanced eating, as per Australian dietary guidelines and the World Health Organisation. For just $79, you can change the way you eat in 30 days, following our simple tips and tricks.

  • Learn how to identify hidden sugars in the foods you buy
  • Discover simple tools and techniques to make better food choices for you and your family
  • Life hacks to throw away the processed food for you and your family.
  • Low-fat often means high-sugar. Learn where it’s hiding.
  • Beat the cravings, with yummy alternatives that hit the spot
  • Create tasty meals that are easy and nutritious

And, with all the information out there, getting started is the hardest part. Our Kick Start program gives you the tools you need, in just 30 days. Free of added sugar and medical jargon.

Cut out hidden sugars, look and feel better in 30 days

Whether you want to reduce your dependence on sugar, know how to make healthy selections at home and on the go, or simply feel better, we promise that you/r family, friends, will be more aware about where sugar lives – and how to combat it, through our structured program offering easy-to-apply information, recipes and techniques, in a language you can understand.

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