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Take the 30-Day Challenge and Kick Your Sugar Habit For Good!

You’re exhausted.

Constantly bloated.

Your skin looks dull and tired.

Added sugar has a big role to play. And it seems like it’s in everything we eat! To feel, look and function well, you know you should be making better food choices, but it’s hard. And overwhelming.

  • How much added sugar is too much?
  • Is it possible to get your kids to eat healthy without a fight?
  • Is there anything low in added sugar, that actually tastes good, and won’t have you cooking for hours?

Our 30-Day Kick Start Program can help you answer these questions and more.


Take the 30-Day Kick Start Challenge

HURRY! Kick Your Sugar Habit Today! Next Program Starts 14 JANUARY



No risk. Full refund within 48 hours if you’re not satisfied.

You’re just 30 days away from:


Having energy at the end of the day

Imagine greeting the afternoon with a smile and some get-up-and-go!

Mental clarity

Stress, overwhelm and cloudy thinking fades away when you fill your plate with the right food.

Hearing “What’s your secret?!”

A healthier approach to eating that leaves you feeling better.

The 30-Day Kick Start Program was created with you in mind

Simple, clear, empowering

Simple, clear, empowering

We’ve created a step-by-step plan to help you understand and take control of your diet. You will no longer need to wonder what’s good for you - you’ll have the tools you need to know exactly what’s in your food so you can make the right choices for you and your family. For life.

Delicious (and healthy) recipes

Delicious (and healthy) recipes

Over 100 recipes, all approved by our in-house nutritionists, so you can eat food you love - that loves you back. With recipes suitable for vegetarians, kids, snacks, quick breakfasts, planning-ahead, and of course, family mealtime, you’re sure to find your new favourite.

Supportive community

Supportive community

Making change alone isn’t easy. Which is why we’ve created a space for the community of people (like you) kicking sugar, to support each other as you take your first steps. Need ideas to help curb cravings? Wondering how other people are making it work? Want to share your success with people who get it? We are here for you.



You’ll have access to a new module every three days. Plenty of time to take in new information and enjoy the benefits. Need more time? No problem - you have 12 months access from when your program concludes to work at your own pace or any time you need a refresher.

As featured in

Exclusive Access to 100+ Delicious, Easy to Make, Low Sugar Recipes

Specially designed by the That Sugar Movement recipe team and approved by our in-house nutritionists. Choose from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and options for vegetarian, gluten-free and more. These are recipes even the kids will love! Each comes with clear instructions and a nutritional panel so you can see what you’re eating.



“I have been told by my doctor to lose weight and cut out added sugar, but I honestly didn't realise how easy it was...This program has helped me so much. I cannot thank you enough.”
“Very informative, delicious recipes and easy to understand information.”

Our Team of Experts is Ready to Help You Kick Sugar

Our team has taken an evidence-based approach to create a simple, powerful program to help you take control of your diet and make lasting change. They provide nutritional guidance and ensure all our programs promote balanced and whole food eating, similar to the recommendations of the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the World Health Organization.

The Tools You Need To Take Control

Arm yourself with the tools you need to take control – free of added sugar, and medical and marketing jargon.


  • Learn to spot hidden sugars in food, so not to fall into a sugar trap again.
  • Get the tools and techniques you need to make better food choices for you and your family. You’ll feel great knowing they’re fuelled with the right foods for the day.
  • Tricks to eliminate sugar-laden food, plus over 100 delicious recipes your family will enjoy.
  • Expert tips to beat sugar cravings, and keep you on track to achieve your goals.
  • Ongoing support from our community for those ‘I need something sweet NOW’ moments.
  • Your own copy of That Sugar Film to inspire (or re-inspire) you and your loved ones.


“All the support and information to reduce sugar from your diet in a fun and easy to follow program.”
“By removing sugar, I'm happier, healthier and don't crave food the way I used to. It has been life-changing!”

How Does It Work?


Take the first step toward a healthier you by signing up for The 30-Day Kick Start Program. Upon registration, you will have access to the introductory module and content, and the recipe library.


When the new program kicks off, you’ll gain access to the tools you need to help you take control of your diet, with a new module sent to you every three days.


You will spend the next 30 days making changes, enjoying a new approach to food and eating, and seeing real results.  It’s then up to you as to what you make a part of your every day, with access for a further 12 months.

And the best part is – there’s no risk. If the program isn’t what you are after at this time, we offer a full refund within 48 hours of joining.




What you’ll learn in just 30 days



We’ve developed some tools to assess your progress. And set up your kitchen for success.


Supermarket Survival

You’ll be a label reading expert who no longer wonders what’s in your food - you’ll know.


Hydration and Liquid Sugars

Uncover the drinks you can enjoy (and which drinks are actually doing you harm).


Snacks and Cravings

Don’t worry - we don’t say “No” to snacking! You’ll get some go-to snack recipes and ideas that taste great and give you real (lasting) energy.


Natural vs Added Sugars

Is natural sugar good or bad? Yes or no to fruit juice? We clear up what sugars to watch for and those you needn't worry about.


Fruits and Vegetables

Yes - it IS possible to love fruits and veggies. Find out how to include more in your diet. Picky eaters at your house? We’ll show you how to please the fussiest of palates.



Are carbs evil? Good for you? Sometimes foods? This module will leave you feeling clear and confident about carbs.


Blood Glucose: Sugar 101

Turns out: We actually NEED some sugar. Here’s where we discuss what it does - and why too much of a good thing isn’t great.


Structure, Regularity and Breakfast

This module will put the tool you need to create balanced meals in the palm of your hand.


The Fat in Our Food

Fat has been a diet villain for decades. We discuss why you actually need to have fat and which ones you should be reaching for.


Sugar, Stress & Sleep

It’s not just sugar that’s wearing you out; Module 10 examines the links between sugar, stress, and sleep. Get ready to get zen!


Wrap up and Reflect

Small steps make a big difference! Measure and assess your progress, then set some new goals to help you in the next phase.



Frequently asked Questions

  • How will this program help me?

    We don’t believe in strict diets or generic meal plans, just healthy eating made easy. You’ll learn how to read a food label and identify added sugar when shopping your everyday foods – all 60+ names for it!

    We’ll help you make easy swaps to food and beverages, so you don’t have to miss out on the foods you love. Our program takes you through the good fats and not so good, different types of carbs, helps you understand the difference between natural versus added sugars, how to deal with cravings – in short, the basics of good nutrition for life for a healthier and happier you! Our philosophy is so straightforward to apply, we’ve delivered it to over 900 schools and thousands of students – even a 5th grader can do it!

  • Will I lose weight?

    Our goal is to help you gain nutritional knowledge and build sustainable, healthy eating habits. Although weight loss is just one by-product of a healthy diet and active lifestyle, That Sugar Movement does not guarantee or promote weight loss as a specific outcome of this program.

    Reducing added sugar has also been found to help participants achieve greater energy levels, a clearer mind and brighter skin, while others have reported improved blood sugar levels, mood, gut health and reduced joint inflammation. Importantly, as participants build their knowledge, they are more confident to make further improvements to their diet and overall health.

    However, if you are following a healthy balanced diet and you are struggling with weight, it is highly recommended that you discuss this with your GP and consult with a qualified accredited practising dietitian to determine if there are any underlying medical conditions.

  • How will I feel after cutting back on added sugar?

    How your body copes and feels will depend on how prevalent added sugar is in your diet, and how ingrained these habits are in your daily life.

    Some struggle with headaches or 3 pm cravings, others notice a difference in how foods taste as their palate adjusts. Most of these symptoms can pass within a week – and just reinforce how dependent we can be on the sweet stuff!

    The purpose of the program is to help you identify where sugar hides and how to minimise added and free sugar consumption with healthier options. Backed by evidence-based research, our program is designed to help you make small adjustments over the 30 days to aid a gradual decrease of added sugars in your diet over time.

  • Am I allowed to drink alcohol while doing the program?

    Yes, in moderation and in safe amounts! Consistent with our messaging, we do not instruct people to give up things they enjoy completely – that’s not sustainable.

    Instead, we aim to help you identify healthier drink options and food habits associated with drinking alcohol.

    Many people are shocked by how much sugar is in their favourite tipple, which is why Module 2 of our 30-day Kick Start program focuses on hydration and liquid sugars (including alcohol!)

  • How long can I access the program content for?

    Although the program covers ten modules in 30 days, everyone applies the information at a different pace. Some participants find they join but don’t always start straight away.

    We get it – which is why access to our private Facebook group, 100+ exclusive recipes, modules are available for a total of 12 months from when your program concludes.

    You can review the content as often as you like, ask more questions. We send a reminder email before your access expires, so you can download recipes and any other program materials you want to keep. And you can always stay in touch through our website, e-newsletter and social channels!  

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