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Sugar is in almost 80% of our food supply, with many Australians consuming in excess of 14 teaspoons of added sugar a day. The World Health Organization recommends just six.

Food high in added sugar is increasingly being linked to impaired energy, cognition, learning and mood.

Given most Australians spend about one-third of their life at work, it’s no surprise the workplace directly influences the physical, mental, economic and social wellbeing of employees. This can have a broader effect on their families and society.

The reality is that healthy eating is not only crucial for maintaining your health but also for maximising work productivity – making workplace wellness an investment in your people and the bottom line. Research has revealed that employees who consume an unhealthy diet are 66% more likely to experience a loss in productivity compared to those who’s diet consists of mostly whole fresh foods.

In our experience, when it comes to workplace wellness, organisations generally struggle to apply a one size fits all approach, given varied literacy, fitness and health levels of their employee base.

Wellness initiatives to suit every workplace

Regardless of where you are on your wellness journey, That Sugar Movement has a range of services that can help you invest in your people and create a wellness culture. That Sugar Movement can also create content specific to your environment, organise a screening of That Sugar Film and more in addition to the below.
Ask the Nutritionist

Ask the Nutritionist

Our team of experts can provide individual consultations to your team either on-site or via video conferencing. Or we can create and curate content specific to your employees to reach a broader cohort through your internal channels.

Information Sessions

Information Sessions

Delivered either onsite or via webinar, That Sugar Movement has a range of popular topics we can share with your team members. Select from the range of topics below, or let us suggest some for you!

30-Day Kick Start Program

30-Day Kick Start Program

Designed for individuals and delivered online, with ten modules full of nutritional information, recipes, tips and handy hints. With a new module sent to their inbox every three days, your team will be sugar smart and feeling great in no time!

8-week Wellness Program

8-week Wellness Program

Delivered over eight weeks, we walk your team through key behavioural factors contributing to excess added sugar intake. A key feature includes individual wellness assessment and blood test ​pre and post-program. 

Topics for everyone, at work and in life

Hydration and Beverages*

Avoid added sugar hotspots in alcohol, smoothies, sports drinks and other beverages.


Supermarket Survival*

We walk you through how to read a food label and navigating your first food shop. You got this!


Snacks and Cravings*

When 3pm hits, or once the kids go to bed, how can we manage cravings and avoid the guilt?


Sugar, Stress and Sleep*

Find out how our stress, sleep and sugar habits are connected, to break the vicious cycle.


Natural vs Added Sugars*

What’s the difference? And how can you find them? Find out how with our cheat sheet.


Fruits and Vegetables*

Are you eating the colour wheel? We take a look at fruits and vegetables, the original superfoods.



Did you know there are two types of carbohydrates? Learn how to fuel your body correctly.


Blood Glucose

Understand how glucose is regulated by the body and the impact of a diet high in added sugar.


Making Healthy Choices*

At home, on the road or out with friends, learn how to make healthy choices wherever you are.


The Fat in Our Food

Did you know “fat-free” or “low-fat” often means high sugar? Get our tips to keep your fat intake healthy.


Meal Structure and Regularity*

Learn how to get the right balance of nutrients for all ages and sizes.


Looking for something?

Our nutritionists and dietitians can develop content for your workplace, just ask!


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* denotes those modules also delivered within our 8-week program


Why That Sugar Movement

That Sugar Movement is recognised as a leading advocate for healthy eating and a global platform for development and sharing of techniques, tools and the need for change. With a range of options to suit every workplace and budget, there's no reason not to invest in the wellness of your people.


All content is designed by our qualified nutritionists and aligns with Australian Healthy Eating Guidelines and the World Health Organisation.

Broad appeal

Broad appeal

Our programs and content suit a broad range of literacy, health and fitness levels, to promote inclusion and accessibility.



Whether you have a multi-site, remote or rostered workforce, initiatives can be undertaken on an individual basis, or as part of a broader program.



We can deliver in person or online, with content spanning different types of media, from video to infographics, or more detailed presentations.

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