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Reality TV: The Sugar Free Farm

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We’ve been bombarded with reality TV cooking shows that leave us craving cakes and chocolate thanks to decadent dessert segments…but things have taken a non-sweet twist in reality-TV-land over in the UK with the launch of a new show based on the evils of sugar.

The concept? Six sweet-toothed celebrities are forced to endure a fortnight without sugar.

Here are some points from a new article about the TV series, which is called Sugar Free Farm:

  • The show features former West End actress Jennifer Ellison who admits to relying on chocolate bars and fizzy drinks while juggling motherhood and running her Liverpool dance school.
  • Comedian Rory McGrath consumes an average of 105 pounds of sugar a year, due in part to his favourite tipple – cider. It contains as many calories as a sugar doughnut in one pint.
  • Confronted with their combined annual sugar consumption – a mountainous 800 pounds – the celebs are put on a strict two-week diet to retrain their bodies as part of the TV show.
  • Although obesity is the most obvious result of sugar over-consumption, sugar-laden diets are linked to type 2 diabetes and an increased risk of dying from heart disease.
  • After two weeks without sugar, most experience a real difference in their tastebuds.

Follow the link to read the full article.

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