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Supercharge our little superheroes

160606_TSF_BlogHero_02SUPERFOODS! Our key to unlock the magical mystery of all things health!

Well, maybe.

We generally don’t use the term ‘superfoods’ here at That Sugar, as many foods touted as such can seem expensive, obscure and considered out of reach. But it needn’t be that way!

The definition of a food that is super is a food considered especially nutritious or otherwise beneficial to health and wellbeing. There are foods that have exceptional health qualities that are found in your everyday supermarket, and tasty too.

Which is the kind of food we want for our littlies, right? The question is can we entice them to enjoy great foods that will help them build super-powers-like qualities?

Let’s take a look at some kick-ass, crime-fighting, power-me-up foods for our little Super Heroes.

Super Foods for our Super Kids

A food with super qualities can give the impression that something sensational and massively magical will happen when eating. And we think these foods stack up to help do just that!

The brain
Memory and a sharp mind are critical when fighting crime! Blueberries can help with just that, being rammed with phytochemicals and antioxidants known to protect and boost function of the brain. An easy lunch box snack, or after dinner treat.

The brawn
Whilst some are thinkers, others are doers. Build strength and resilience with protein packed quinoa, brimming with the full array of amino acids. What is more, this pseudo-grain has little effect on blood sugar, is hypo-allergenic and easily digested. A great alternative to white rice, or have as warm morning porridge.

The defence
Beat down the bacterial baddies and vie the viral villains with baby spinach, rammed with vitamin C, stacks of key minerals including calcium, iron and zinc, and immune supportive protein. Chuck a handful of baby spinach in a blueberry and banana smoothie!

The sharp sight
Spot danger from afar and movements in the dark with kick-ass eyesight. Sweet potato is full of eye a supporting beta-carotene and phytochemicals. And is low GI, immune supportive and totally delicious (especially as a mash or lightly roasted in to homemade chips)!

The focus
Keep the cool by stabilising mood and energy by snacking on foods high in good fats and protein, such as yoghurt and avocado. The ability to concentrate, exercise patience and be present is needed when having to problem solve and create magic spells.

Super Hero Foods

Other power packed foods include:

  • Coconut – full of brain loving medium chain triglycerides, and immune supportive lauric acid, this source of good fats is super tasty, whether using the meat, milk, oil or yoghurt.
  • Beans – packed with fibre to keep the gut bugs happy (the cornerstone to all good health), cheap to buy, and fuelling energy to play hard in the playground.
  • Eggs – whilst some children may not tolerate eggs, for those that can, the dose of protein, selenium and choline for immune and mood is real food gold!

The Office Luncheon e-book is packed full of yummies to super-charge the kiddies, including the foods above! Be inspired and find food revitalised, and you may just see the super powers come out to play.

Childhood is a critical time for development, for both brain and body. Super charge your kids with superhero foods, and watch them take on the world.

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