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138 spoons of sugar a day

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You know you have a serious sugar addiction when you eat 13 bowls of cereal a day topped with 138 spoons of sugar. That’s the reality for a young man in the UK who is pleading for help to overcome his addiction.

Phillip Patrick reckons he has consumed about 14,235 bowls of Cornflakes and Wheetbix over the past three years. He washes down those bowls of cereal with cups of tea…six sugars in each.

Here are some points from a recent article about Phillip:

  • His weight has soared by four stones in the past three years to an unhealthy 15 stone.
  • He admits that he used to be active but his sugar habit has reduced his energy to the point that he struggles to walk up the stairs.
  • On an average day he consumes around 6,906 calories.
  • His carb and sugar overload saw him lose his job working in a bar last year because he didn’t have the energy to stand up throughout his shift.
  • Phillip says his high sugar diet has also impacted his sex life and caused problems for his relationship.

Follow the link to read the full article.


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