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Fiona Bennett

Fiona Bennett

Location: Bayswater North, VIC

Interests: Schools, Early, Fundraising

After struggling for years with psoriasis, I was amazed that eliminating sugar could clear up my skin, and I want to share this health message with everyone.

I am a teacher and mum who cares passionately about health and wellbeing. I have battled psoriasis for over 8 years and have tried every solution I could find to fix it. Nothing worked until I stumbled on ‘That Sugar Film’ and I decided to completely give up sugar (well, most of the time) and now my skin is almost psoriasis free.

I’m highly motivated to keep on this journey, especially because psoriasis runs in both my family and my husband’s. This means that our daughter is at a higher risk of developing psoriasis when she is older. I want to get this message into schools and cause a revolution in the way we think about food. My hope is that my daughter, along with other young people, will never have to face the challenges with their health that I have faced.

I plan to focus on getting this message into schools as well as running a number of fund-raisers for Yhe Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Foundation. I also write a blog and YouTube channel called ‘Carbon Neutral Kid’ which I will use to promote a sugar free, healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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Get in touch: [email protected]

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