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Artificial vs ‘Real’ Sugar: which is better?


Recently a number of professionals have weighed in on the artificial vs. real sugar debate, which has been circling since the early 2000s. A recent article brought together a range perspectives to the complex discussion. Key points are below

  • Paediatrics professor Dr. Aaron E. Carroll has gone through significant studies on the effects of artificial sweeteners on rats to conclude the affects of saccharin are inconclusive at best, and points to no clear impact.
  • Many other professionals argue that while they aren’t definitively bad, they’re definitely not good.
  • Artificial sweeteners have also been linked to overeating as your body looks for a sugar hit that you’re not really providing (this is because many artificial sweeteners are at least 200 times sweeter than sugar).
  • As taste buds adapt to what they experience consistently, you’re better off fuelling your body on nutritious food and drinks. 

We believe that real foods must be chosen as often as possible. Some artificial sweeteners may help as a transition off a high sugar diet but ultimately we wouldn’t recommend them. They can easily ‘keep the cravings alive’ and we believe that any product with ingredients you don’t understand or can’t pronounce should not enter your body.

You can read the full Yahoo article here and check out some of our great healthy recipes here. 

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