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Breakfast ideas that aren’t cereal

I love cooking and I take great pride in planning and preparing meals. But to be honest, I often really fall down in the breakfast department. With two small children, and both my husband and I working during the week, the mornings are a frenzied rush to shower, dress and evacuate the house in order … Continued

Transforming vegetables with the “YUM” factor

We’re all being encouraged to eat more vegetables and less meat. But how do you rethink this in a household where ‘meat and two veg’ is the guiding principle for dinner? When you first start trying to eat more vegetarian meals, it can be hard to come up with ideas that you think will be … Continued

How to stay out of the kitchen this Christmas

Not keen on cooking duties this Christmas, or looking to limit how much time you spend in the kitchen? Well, the short answers would be to a) get someone else to do it all, or b) order takeaway! But I’m going to make an assumption that whoever is reading this is going to be responsible … Continued

Healthy tips to get you through the festive season

As the festive season approaches, our calendars start to fill up with work and social events. Nothing new. However, events at this time of the year often leave us swimming (or drowning) in a sea of food and booze temptation. Here are a few of our party tricks to help you float through this year’s … Continued

Sugar and chronic inflammation

There is a fair chance you have heard about inflammation and anti-inflammatory foods and drugs. But what exactly is inflammation, and what has it to do with sugar? Inflammation – friend or foe? The inflammatory response is a normal activity for our immune system. In fact, we need it! When injured or infected, the body’s … Continued

Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Foundation update

The Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Foundation is rapt to say we have now raised $47k to bring our Palyaringkunytjaku project to fruition! The foundation was founded by Damon in 2014 to support the achievements made through the work of community owned and directed organisations such as the Mai Wiru Regional Stores Council, Nganampa Health Council … Continued

How to set the foundation of healthy eating in the home

Let’s get something straight. You don’t need to give yourself a label in order to start eating healthier, and you don’t need to purchase an array of foods that may have been foreign to you up until this point – trust me, people were eating healthy well before coconut oil became a thing. So, if … Continued

A guide to roasting whole vegetables and fruit

Want to expand your repertoire of no added sugar recipes for dinner? Are you a beginner in the kitchen? Then roasting whole vegetables and fruit is a great method to explore! For starters, throwing something in the oven without even touching a knife or chopping board is a winner. From there, there’s a number of … Continued

Tasty meals without added sugar

It’s no secret that sugar makes food tasty. Most of us love a bit of sweetness in our diet! When we cook, it’s common these days to use processed or packaged foods that often house a host of hidden sugars. As a result, one of the biggest concerns our team hears is that low-sugar food … Continued

How much sugar should I eat?

One of the most common questions asked by our community is: how much sugar should you have per day? For a seemingly simple question, this answer is not so simple as there are various recommendations around daily sugar intake. Some are based on total sugar intake, while others are based on free (or added) sugar … Continued

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