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Coca Cola’s dirty money


New evidence has emerged of the lengths Coca Cola is prepared to go to influence people in the nutritional industry.

A recent article reported that Coca-Cola paid $550,000 to the head of an anti-obesity group in the USA.

Here are some points from the article:

  • The allegations about money being handed over to the research group are in addition to $2 million in donations that have already fallen under public scrutiny.
  • The soft drink company reportedly paid $550,000 directly to James Hill, president of Global Energy Balance Network, a presently defunct organization dedicated to advancing anti-obesity efforts.
  • Fortune previously reported that the group disbanded following revelations that Coca-Cola donated $1 million in startup funding to the organisation.
  • Hill, a nutrition expert, teaches at the University of Colorado and directs the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, the university’s medical campus. Coca-Cola provided him with the $550,000 before GEBN had been established, according to the Denver Post. The money was apparently paid for “honoraria, travel, education activities, and research on weight management”.
  • Colorado Ethics Watch director Luis Toro says that Coca-Cola funding Hill’s travel presents a big “red flag,” and it could go against a state law that restricts corporate funding to public employees.
  • In addition to funding, emails originally obtained by the Associated Press show Hill asking the beverage giant if it could offer his son a job.
  • A spokesperson for Coca-Cola told Fortune that the company is “evaluating [its] approach to obesity.” “We are listening and learning from leading experts in the public health community”.


Follow the link to read the full article.

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