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Could hormone FGF21 hold the key to sugar cravings?

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Some interesting news from the United States in relation to research into sugar cravings with a study focusing on mice revealing that the hormone FGF21 is able to suppress sugar cravings.

The research involved a group of mice, which were injected with the hormone and then given the choice of normal food or sugary food. The study concluded that the mice on the hormone ate seven times less sugar than average.

Here are some other points from a recent article on the topic:

  • The research was conducted by the University of Iowa.
  • They found that hormone FGF21 is released from the liver when your body has high carbohydrate levels. It then enters your bloodstream and signals the brain to reduce your sugar desires.
  • The researchers also genetically modified mice so that some produced lots of FGF21, while others produced none at all. Those without the hormone ate more sugar.
  • Co-author and professor Dr Matthew Potthoff said that he and his team want to work further to understand how exactly FGF21 works, as well as discovering if similar hormones exist to suppress cravings for fats and proteins.

Although this research could be life changing for those who suffer from type 2 diabetes and severe obesity, we believe that simple changes to the diet, to break your sugar addiction, are always the best and safest approach. Check out our free ebook for some tips to get started.

Follow the link to read the full article.

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