That Sugar Movement


Day 1

It begins…

4 grams of sugar = one teaspoon


1 bowl of Just Right (2.5 servings) One serving is 45g which, when measured, is not much more than a shot glass of Just Right. One serving has 12g (3 teaspoons of sugar), so 2.5 serves got me to roughly 7 teaspoons.

2 scoops of strawberry fat free yoghurt. This was 26g of sugar per serve but I removed roughly 8g for lactose which left 18g or 4 teaspoons of sugar

400 ml of apple juice at 22g per 100ml so when doubled (still a small glass) 44grams which equalled 11 teaspoons.

To my surprise, I had eaten 22 teaspoons while still at the breakfast table. The (American) heart foundation recommends 9 for the whole day. This was going to be easy.

Lunch was a white bread ham and salad sandwich, 1 teaspoon of sugar and a golden circle tropical punch box with 21g of sugar or 5 teaspoons.

I snuck in a blueberry muffin with its 8 teaspoons for an afternoon snack.

Dinner left me with only 4 teaspoons remaining to get to 40. I had a great pork and bean dish with no sugar so added half a can of pellegrino lemon drink with its 33g of sugar (8 teaspoons) to get my 4.

40 in total and without any ‘junk’ food (the muffin may put up its hand here though).

It has been 2 years since I have eaten that amount of sugar and my day had the full spectrum of silly dance moves and a few tears.

May the force be with my wonderful and supportive lady.

First those into their calorie counting. After filling out a food diary for 3 weeks prior to the experiment, my daily average intake was 2,300 calories. My resting metabolic rate is 1676 at time of starting. Today’s intake was approximately 2,159 calories. Interestingly, by removing a lot of the fats that I would normally eat (avocados, nuts, coconut products), the total calories came out less in a day. The nutritionist involved is keeping track of the numbers game.

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