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Day 19

The confused Fruche

Just a quick recap for those who may be new. 1 teaspoon of sugar = 4.2 grams (we’re saying 4 grams here). Sugar that you see on the table is called Sucrose and its 50% glucose and 50% fructose. I am currently eating 40 teaspoons a day and putting my body though a sugar boot camp to find out what it does to us. So far I have a belly that is rivaling my pregnant lady’s, a brain that struggles to turn off and emotions that could charge a fun park fee for a true ‘roller-coaster’ experience.


This morning I arose and couldn’t bring myself to inhale another bowl of packaged cereal, not first up anyway. So I went down to the local cafe, sat and observed some fellow humans for a while, and then copied them. Blueberry muffins and coffee seemed to be all the rage, so I ordered a decaf latte with 1 (the most requested; however with the caffeine) and an incredibly warm and fluffy muffin. I can totally understand the demand, it nurtured me into the day, provided the necessary kick start to the brain and internal organs and I left in good cheer. I may have even skipped a little out the door as I waved to the shopkeep. That little trip cost me 9 teaspoons of sugar.

After doing some productive work for about an hour, I felt the familiar fog roll across my brain and I suddenly found myself hovering in the kitchen looking for my next fix. Due to its accessibility and simple serving qualities, I succumbed to the Just Right. One bowl (7 teaspoons) and 2 large scoops of low fat yoghurt ( 6 teaspoons) did the job and I was a powerful, functioning man once again. Interesting how, given my want to get back to the computer quickly, I felt I didn’t have time to prepare something wholesome or nourishing. I wanted a quick hit so I could get back to that superfluous digital task that I had deemed far more important than the nutrition and functioning of my precious precious cells. We humans are baffling at times.

Lunch reminded me of being 14 and at school again. I found I had made myself a ham and tomato sandwich on white bread with a “Real Juice’ Apple fruit box to wash it down with. I swear I heard a bell ring and a kid named Mikey offer me a ciggie out the back of the art building. The apple juice got me 6 teaspoons of sugar from its meagre 250ml cardboard home.

After an hour and a half of  ‘computer class’, I felt the familiar rumble of the gremlin once more. The remedy was found in an Uncle Toby’s strawberry yoghurt topped muesli bar (2 teaspoons) and a container of tropical mango Fruche, which I think is suffering from an identity crisis. It still hasn’t worked out if it is yoghurt, whipped cream or panna cotta. Either way it has 5 teaspoons of sugar in it so I’d be putting it in the dessert section.

That left me with 5 teaspoons remaining and it was then that I noticed the beckoning smell from our kitchen. It is freezing cold where I am today and my beautiful lady had prepared a 4 hour slow cooked Asian pork meal with steamed Chinese broccoli and greens. There was really only one thing to do. I produced half a jar of Kan Tong Peanut Satay stir fry sauce and I have to say, utterly destroyed the meal. I felt emotional as the 5 teaspoons of sugary peanut paste blanketed the tender pork cutlets. A meal so lovingly prepared turned into an odd pork, peanut dessert in an instant.

It continues to astound me where our sugary friend keeps turning up. It is equally astounding that I have never bothered to look. I was raised to believe that the kind jingle coming from the television set knew best and I gave over the health of my delicate body to it. Sadly that jingle was meticulously planned and thought through. Making me happy and nourished might not have been at the very top of the list.

19 days done and another 40 teaspoons.

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