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Day 22

The World Sugar Party

So far this week has registered extremely high on the sugarometer. I’ve had 160 teaspoons, Maria ‘Sugar’pova entered our reality and now a woman today is telling me to ‘Don’t Quit Sugar’. I am not sure if I could actually keep going with this 40 teaspoons per day business, so perhaps I should consider the last piece of advice carefully.


Just to clarify from yesterday’s blog. What I am looking to explore in this film is the sugar and fructose party that we are currently having on planet earth today. If we all had a balanced amount of fruits and vegetables in our diets, I wouldn’t be tapping away on this fructose free ‘apple’ mac or making this film. We would all be getting just the right amount of sugars to keep ourselves in good shape. The truth is that we eat lots of fruits (most of which are not seasonal anymore but available everyday) and we eat LOTS of sugar (which is also half fructose which is found in fruits). Our fructose party is rocking!  Beyonce is on stage, Jay Z is DJ’ing and Tom Cruise is doing ‘Cocktail’ tricks at the bar (Tom is there for laughs, not to make the drinks; thats David Hasselhoff’s job). Given the popularity of the stuff, I want to find out what its all about and what it might be doing to us.

With that in mind, this is what I learnt today about sugar:

A 500ml Vanilla Malt Oak milk drink has 60 grams of sugar in it, or 15 teaspoons of the party starter.

A 500ml Nippy’s Orange and Passionfruit drink has 48 grams or 12 teaspoons.

Berri Springs ‘Smart Water’ with Tahitian Lime and Guarana had 5 teaspoons of sugar in it. I personally think normal water is smarter.  Perhaps we could set up a game show and find out for sure?

A ‘Go Natural Fruit and Nut Delight’ bar has 5 teaspoons of sugar in it and was more of ‘Fruit and Nut Just Alright’.

A nutritious banana with lovely fibre has 3 teaspoons in it.

(I also ate one sausage roll, 2 pieces of toast with vegemite and some left over quinoa salad)

Now you can see here, if all I had today was that one banana and maybe some other veggies, I would have a nice amount of sugars to go with the other foods I would eat throughout the day. But instead, I had the fruit PLUS all the other sugar as well. Infact I was a headline act in the Beyonce Fructose Sugar Party.

I hope this helps a bit. Some people wrote to me today and were confused about whether to eat this or that, what is bad and what is good. I would say that everything in moderation is okay but sadly people’s perspective of ‘moderation’ when it comes to sugar is way out of whack. What I am discovering is that the foundations of society’s ‘Food House’ are built on sugar. This means that any sugary ‘treat’ we add in a day isn’t just a ‘special treat’ but in my experience, is likely to be a 40th or 50th teaspoon for that day. We need to remove sugar from the concrete mix, move next door and build the beautiful dream homes we all thoroughly deserve. I speak from a current truth by saying that it may be hard at first but you will be happier there. It has smarter water too.

22 days deep and yet another 40.



For those who have any more nutrition questions or who would like some advice, here is the link to the nutritionist we are using in the film and who is looking after me now and helping me return to sugar free happiness when I finish. Her name is Sharon and she is just awesome.

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