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Day 25

The Magic Ones

According to an incredible aboriginal woman I interviewed today, before us ‘considerate’ Europeans came along, the sweetest thing the aboriginal community would eat was a honey ant or the nectar of the flower off a special tree that they would mix with water. Oh how things have changed.


It is very hard to express how special today was. I visited a local store, saw the produce that the community is eating, I talked with 3 elders who shared their wisdom about nutrition’s effects on their culture and spent the day with the most accurate interpretation of the word ‘crusader’ I have ever encounted. I also spent 5 hours in a car, picked up 2 teenager boys who’s car had broken down and managed to get 40 teaspoons of sugar nearly all in beverages.

See that’s a key point. Its really hot here and there has only recently been free cold water provided (by the aforementioned ‘crusader’) so you drink lots and lots and the only thing cold is the you know whatsies in the fridges. I actually found a strawberry Up and Go liquid breakfast out here in the dead centre of Australia (4 teaspoons), some 2000 kilometres from Sydney. I nearly cried.

I also had a Sarah Lee Muffin (9 teaspoons), a banana flavoured Vaalia kids yoghurt (3 teaspoons), an iced tea with 8 teaspoons and a bottle of apple juice with 10 teaspoons. I did eat food in between all these liquids and actually started the day with 5 Weetbix but had to add 6 teaspoons of actual sugar on top, because that kind of behaviour is not out of place in the Aboriginal communities. I also downed 2 sausages with white bread and some coleslaw. Fear not though, I bought some Sultana Bran from the store so wont have to add the sugar tomorrow morning, Kelloggs have kindly done it for me.

I would love to write all the things that went through my head on the drive today but I need to sleep first, take stock and take a few deep breaths. We have one of the most magical cultures in the world in this country and they are clearly not built for the foods that we are providing them. It is our responsibility to educate and provide a different nutritional path or this magical culture is never going to be magical again.

24 days and 40 more.

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