That Sugar Movement


Day 3


We consume 60kg of sugar per person per year.  Americans consume 200 litres of soft drink per person per year. I estimate over a billion burps per year.


Today was all about the liquids. It became really clear how much sugar we get from our drinks. And not one of them had bubbles.

Started the day with a peach flavoured Iced tea, 32g of sugar = 8 teaspoons (1 teaspoon = 4grams).

Couldn’t do Just Right for breakfast again so had some poached eggs with avocado and bacon. I estimate 1 teaspoon in the white Turkish.

Lunch was a bottle of Certified Organic passion fruit and orange juice at 30g or 7 teaspoons. I also had a spicy tuna hand roll. No rice. No sugar.

Afternoon snack was a chunky slice of banana bread. 4 teaspoons lurking in there.  Washed it down with a small glass of Berri breakfast juice, 400 ml with 40grams of sugar, 10 teaspoons.

Finally dinner was a home made Penang curry with 6 teaspoons (really good though) and a very healthy, green looking bottle of Aloe Vera Fresh juice with 4 teaspoons.

40 teaspoons for the day with 29 of them coming from beverages.

Actually felt okay today, a bit ratty at times but my body may be starting to adjust to its ‘new reality’. I spoke to a psychologist today who discussed how our brains are wired to consume sugar. This relates to our history with sugar being rare in nature so we devoured it when we found it. Now it is everywhere and our brains keep telling us to get it while we can. I have felt that today, definitely started to want it in between meals. It became my quick fix burst of energy.

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