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Day 31

Day 31


Sugar got its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Sharkara’, which means ‘material in granule form’. This is interesting because Rudolph Steiner discusses that since the rise of sugar consumption, we have moved more and more to a superficial, materialistic culture. Sugar is the current culture’s ‘pin up’ emblem. A quick fix, high on energy but devoid of any nutrients or substance.  


I woke this morning in a very heavy state. It seems hump day was delayed a day in my body clock. In the scheme of my experiment, today felt like Wednesday morning.

I heard the alarm on my phone go off in the other room where I had deliberately left it so it would require getting out of bed to shut it off. My lady told me later through laughter that I had muttered “Do we have a remote control for that thing?”  I managed to shut it off but then nearly fell asleep again standing up in the shower.

I had managed to somehow lose a massive chunk of time due to the delight of the hot water running down my back so was now running very late for an appointment with the clinical pathologist in town.  I grabbed a muesli bar (2 teaspoons) and hit the road.

It is here that I have a confession to make. Due to my lateness, I found myself at the drive thru of the local McDonalds. I scanned the menu and was delighted to find there was an item well within the rules of my current eating regime.  “One Banana Mango smoothie please?” I said to the 14 year old girl wearing an unfortunate Mc Hairnet for her 8 dollars an hour. I all but inhaled those 12 teaspoons of McFructose and practically whistled my way out of the exit.  System rebooted and Ronald to thank.

I ate another Singaporean health bar an hour later (5 teaspoons this time)  and met up with the delightful pathologist. He is a man that the audience will also warm to when watching the film; kind, genuine, considered and the owner of an enormous and magnificent brain. He told me things about my blood tests that even surprised him. He talked with childlike excitement of being able to watch the beginnings of sugar and fructose on the organs and blood. I guess it must be nice to have a 6ft rat to work on that can actually talk back to you.

Lunch was a pear juice (made with glucose/fructose nectar it said) 5 teaspoons and a really well made BLT.

My lady and I then hit the shops for some baby gear. Wow. There isn’t much to say really other than ‘gadgets’, ‘overpriced’ and ‘geared for fear’. I have never heard ‘safety rating’ mentioned more in a 2 hour period in my life. Now I know safety is important but if I had believed everything that I heard today, I would tell our child to not bother coming out, it wouldn’t last a week.

For an afternoon snack I took on an Aussie favorite, the lamington. 7 teaspoons of sugar in my slightly stale IGA ‘bakery’ variety. Washed it down with a Yakult sugar yoghurt hit (3 teaspoons) and was jet propelled through the mid arvo slump.

Dinner was a lovely home made steak with vegetables and I have just knocked off a tub of my old friend, the confused Fruche. Its 5 teaspoons is still a certainty but the identity crisis for the poor dairy snack lives on. I hope it finds happiness one day. In the bin.

I am now officially on the downhill slope of this ludicrous experiment. I am secretly hoping that my new increased weight means I will gather momentum and get there much much faster.

31 and 40.

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