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Day 39

Hydration station

“In 1954 the tobacco industry paid to publish the “Frank Statement to Cigarette Smokers” in hundreds of U.S. newspapers. It stated that the public’s health was the industry’s concern above all others and promised a variety of good-faith changes. What followed were decades of deceit and actions that cost millions of lives.” Kelly Brownell

Did anyone catch the one minute Coca Cola obesity advert on television about a month ago?  Its just so hard not to be cynical when there are carbon copy patterns playing out.


Today was another travel day. I woke up this morning and hit the hotel’s breakfast bar. An elderly quartet of kind, sandshoe wearing Americans were enthralled by my accent and then tried to force some authentic ‘biscuits and gravy’ down my throat. I did give it a small go but the confronting sight of a scone covered in meat sauce was too much for an 8am time-slot. I opted for my frosted flake cereal with low fat yoghurt and some canned fruits. I accompanied that with a small glass of the perfectly named ‘Crapple’ Juice (cranberry and apple) which the kind lady assured me was “good for my kidneys” (sigh) and I left the hotel with 14 teaspoons of sugar bubbling, swirling and dissolving into my gastric lining.

I had a 3 hour drive to the airport and at the start of the 2nd hour pulled in to a local gas station. This was more like a space station though and large pick up trucks were filing in looking angry and in need of excessive precious fossil fuels. I felt similar and was delighted to see the shop had a ‘HYDRATION STATION’ in one corner.  I guess if you were in a desert for 10 days and came across this you would be happy, but I would advise a gentle glass of water first. The thirst quenching on offer here were giant self serve milkshake machines,  15 varieties of ‘Icees’  and an energy drink tap pourer.  Not the kind of ‘oasis’ in the desert I imagine an Afghan camel train coming across. This was the Las Vegas camel train version.

I managed to escape with 2 trail mix muesli bars and a pineapple coconut water drink (14 in the combo). I was again accosted for my accent and was told by a group of 4 that they had never seen an Australian ‘live’ before (that could be read worse than pronounced out loud). A sweet young boy asked if we speak English there.

Lunch at the airport was a delicious chicken pesto sandwich with salad and I resisted any food on the plane.

I have just got home from dinner now which was with a dear friend who is having his birthday today. I lashed out and ordered lobster tail with a coconut and mango sauce (6 teaspoons). It is a balmy night here so I kept the tropical/citrus theme alive and ordered a small glass of OJ just to really molest my incredible stomach (another 6).

I have to sign off now, my brain has just stopped. If this journey wasn’t as rewarding and expanding as it is, I would have collapsed weeks ago. But the story just keeps unfolding and its such a privilege to be able to watch it happen.

39, 40.


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