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Day 4

Chicken dessert

The Oxford Textbook of Medicine says that sugar plays no part in the causation of type 2 diabetes. Given that this disease was virtually unheard of 30 years ago and now kills someone every 10 seconds, I am keen to explore this. Especially in regards to our own indigenous culture.


Started the day with Just Right AGAIN (7 teaspoons). Thankfully I finally finished the box. The people at Kelloggs told me I would get 10 servings, I got 5.

Add the scoops of low fat yoghurt (4 teaspoons) and I charged into the day with my 11 teaspoons.

The mid morning crash was rectified with a banana, honey and yoghurt smoothie with its 8 teaspoons.

Lunch was simple, needed a sugar break so had an omelette with some avocado,.

Got on a Virgin flight and was offered a delicious Berri multi vitamin juice. It was only a small 250ml bottle but had 24 grams of sugar squeezed into it, or 6 teaspoons.

Snuck a thin slice of ham and pineapple pizza in at the airport (2 teaspoons).

Finally got home 2 hours later and was feeling a bit edgy (in fact had the first minor altercation with the lady; my fault entirely, I foolishly went 2 hours without a sugar hit). I then helped prepare a chicken dish and added the Maggi Stir Fry Creation Teriyaki and Sesame sachet as a sauce. Just a lazy 12 teaspoons in the pack. I think I may have invented the world’s first chicken dessert.

I couldn’t finish it and will save some for tomorrow; half the dish got me an extra 6 teaspoons though. I washed it down with a small Big M strawberry drink which is low fat (apparently) and low GI. The box also told me that it had 7 teaspoons of sugar.

40 teaspoons and 4 days down.

I have really noticed how alert I am becoming for the half an hour after my sugar injection and how quickly that turns to a frazzled state before the next hit. What if this is how the world is operating? It would explain road rage and the really grumpy man at my local newsagent who loves his Coca Cola. I may propose this to him and film it. Stay tuned.


Special Fx shooting today in some custom made undies.

day 4


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