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Healthy eating – more than just the food!

161011_tsf_bloghero_02Chances are if you are part of the That Sugar community, you have an interest in health, food, and wellbeing.

We focus a lot of our health-related energy on what we shove in our gobs. And rightly so! Nutrition from tasty whole food is critical for wellbeing – in the short and long-term.

However, have you considered the circumstances in which you eat your food? If not, maybe it is time you should. Here is why!

Making time for eating mindfully

We live in an increasingly busy world, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon!

With increased time pressure, time for cooking and sit-down meals are becoming an occasional occurrence. A far cry from the 3-meal-a-day situation of past.

But making time to prepare food (as opposed to regular takeaway) and eating without distraction (lunch at the desk is out) will enhance your connection to and appreciation of the food. It should also increase awareness of those fullness signals (as, let’s be honest, one can get through WAY more potato crisps whilst watching X-Factor or The Bachelorette), meaning you are likely to eat less overall.

And sometimes in all this busy-ness we forget or neglect to eat proper, satisfying meals, instead snacking away throughout the day in mindless and endless forage.

Yet, eating at set times regularly will benefit multiple facets of your health, including digestive function, energy, sleep, hormone production, metabolism, and really hearing hunger cues.

So, wherever possible, give the screens and distractions a break, and sit down at a designated time with a friend, loved one, or take pleasure in peering through a nearby window as you enjoy a meal, chewing slowly and mindfully to savour each taste and texture sensation.

In saying all this, we aren’t demonizing an evening in front of the telly with a hot bowl of soup or some homemade treats!

But perhaps consider making this an occasional occurrence instead of the default. Knowing how, when, where and why you are consuming will enhance the enjoyment of the food experience, benefitting both body and mind.

By Angela Johnson (BHSc Nut. Med.)

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