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Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Update: September 2015

Thank you so much for your ongoing support for the Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Foundation (MWSCF). We continue to receive donations from the public and have been very touched by everyone’s contribution. It has allowed us to move faster than we thought and we are incredibly grateful for people’s support, no matter the amount.

We’ve got some great news that we’d like to share with you. The Thyne Reid Foundation has committed to provide $80,000 to the Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Foundation upon the foundation raising $80,000 too. Well thanks to everyone who has donated so far we now have raised a total of $72,000 and we are very close to reaching our target.

This is fantastic news as we are now only $8,000 away from making this possible. So if you could share our story with a friend or possibly donate a bit more in an effort to reach $80,000, it would really help us to fast track the work that we have scheduled for the APY lands in 2016.

The team at the Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Foundation has been laying the foundations to ensure the support of the people. We have now achieved some major milestones that will enable us to rollout the training and education plan for the nutritionists to support the communities and educate them moving forward.

The milestones include:
1. The projects now have the full support of the NPY Women’s council. We’ve met the Nganampa Health Council Public Health officer to discuss the Foundation’s aims and Nganampa’s involvement.
2. Arranging a nutrition training station for the local people who are keen to help with the challenge and be health leaders in the community.
3. Meeting with the Federal/State Government funded senior Amata bureaucrat, Government Business Manager, and briefed them on the Foundation’s project. They are passionate about ‘health’, lowering sugar and are very supportive of Amata community’s involvemement.
4. Completing an edit of ‘That Sugar Film’ for the local communities. We will be showing this in the towns as part of the education process. This can also be shared with other Aboriginal communities, not just the APY.

So much of the groundwork is now in place and we are ready to implement action. We would like to extend a warm thanks to the all the local councils and people that have been so welcoming of the project.

The next phase is truly the exciting part! We look forward to updating you again soon. Thanks again for all your support.

The team @ MWSCF 


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