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No added sugar Easter alternatives!

170403_TSF_BlogHero_01Easter is here, friends! And with it, supermarket aisles of coloured foil and bunny-themed, sugar-laden sweets.

It is a festive time of year, and a chocolate Easter egg for the kids as part of the fun can be okay. What we don’t need is our kids partaking in a mountain of chocolate and other sugared-up foods.

Depending on your situation, you may wish to allow your kids some fancy-foiled chocolate eggs for the special occasion. But if you want some no-added sugar alternatives, check out these suggestions!

Paint and decorate real eggs

With a raw egg, blow the egg out of the shell into a bowl (and use the egg in some cooking later). Using watercolour paints or food dye, have the kids decorate their eggs in an Easter theme. Let creativity reign!

Hunt for egg alternatives

Want your kids to enjoy an Easter egg hunt? Make it a treasure hunt and hide non-food items instead, like books, bouncy balls, or bubble sets. Tailor to suit your little one’s interests.

Upgrade the kid’s pjs

Get ready for the change in season and treat the kids (and yourself, if you like) to some new pyjamas!

Cut Easter shapes into fruit

Get an Easter-themed cookie cutter, and arm yourself with fruit such as pineapple, rockmelon, and watermelon. Create the cut-out shapes and skewer onto a bamboo skewer along with some smaller pieces of fruit in between, such as strawberries, for a super pretty Easter snack. And don’t hesitate to get the kids involved in making the fruit skewers too!

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Make Easter treats with real, whole food

After a healthier, unsweetened hot cross bun? Try ours made with spelt for a tasty Easter treat!

For a chocolate egg alternative, blending a few simple ingredients like nuts or seeds, a little dried fruit, coconut oil, and cacao and rolling this mixture into balls makes for a delicious, bite-sized treat. You could try our Nutty Banana Bread Balls, or one of the many similar recipe ideas on the internet, so get searching!

Happy Easter!


Angela Johnson (BHSc Nut Med)

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