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No added sugar party bags!

170528_TSF_BlogHero_02It’s party time! And along with pass-the-parcel, treasure hunts and birthday candles, a party bag souvenir of the fun-times had is a common feature.

Often filled with an assortment of Chupa Chups, Jelly Babies, Cadbury Favourites and the like, this additional serve of sugar may be overload following an event that typically entails birthday cake and fairy bread. So, we have some alternative ideas that can please even the most discerning crowd 😉

Homemade whole food sweet treats
Fill a paper cup with several homemade, no added sugar treats, such as nutty banana bread balls.

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Pick up multi-packs in the colour/theme of the party for an inexpensive gift.

This will depend on the age and interests of the kids, but recycled glass jars filled with some soil, pebbles, a mini succulent and a figurine (like a dinosaur, frog, fairy or bunny) look great, and kids have a party gift that keeps on giving! Kids could build their own at the party, and decorate with flowers, leaves, feathers and glitter.

Source: Crafts by Amanda
Source: Crafts by Amanda

Mini colouring-in books or printed pages and pencils
Let the high energy of the party slowly subside and the creative side shine with a calming at home activity like colouring-in.

Craft kit
Arm the tikes with glue, stickers, pencils, tape, beads, pieces of string, coloured card, something sparkly, and something feathery or fluffy, and set a task to make a bookmark, name sign for their bedroom door, necklace, treasure map, pirate hat or fairy crown. There are plenty more ideas throughout the world wide web, and this could double as a fun party activity!

Source: Kidspot
Source: Kidspot

Mini baking set and recipe
Get the inner chef ignited by including in the party bag a mini rolling pin, cookie cutters, a measuring cup and spoon, and a print-out of a delightful no added sugar cookie recipe.

Seedlings in a cup
Encourage mini green thumbs by sending the little guests home with a potted seedling such as a strawberry plant!

These are just a few ideas to get your imagination going. We’d love to hear of yours – please get in touch!

By Angela Johnson (BHSc Nut. Med.)


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