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Let's not sugar coat the situation

  • Sugar is in almost 80% of our food supply, with many adults consuming in excess of 30 added teaspoons a day in sugar. The World Health Organisation recommends just six.
  • Junk and high sugar foods intake is being increasingly linked to impaired energy, cognition, learning and mood.
  • People know the effects of a high-sugar diet are bad for them. They seek a structured program that delivers information, recipes and checklists to help them on their way.
  • The reality is that healthy eating is not only important for maintaining your health but also for maximising work productivity.
  • Research has revealed that employees who consume an unhealthy diet are 66 percent more likely to experience a loss in productivity compared to those who regularly eat fresh fruits, vegetables, low-fat foods and whole grains.
"We can work with health organisations, communities and community organisations to try and do things at home but the workplace is where a lot of us spend most of our time so there's a huge potential for healthy lifestyle messages to be better delivered here"

Professor Michael Cowley

Director at Monash Obesity & Diabetes Institute

Make employee health your business

The workplace directly influences the physical, mental, economic and social wellbeing of workers, which has a wider effect on their families and society. Most Australians spend about one third of their life at work making it a priority setting for promoting health and wellbeing. Recent studies suggest unhealthy workers cost the Australian economy around $100 billion per year in lost productivity due to presenteeism, absenteeism and staff turnover.

Program Objectives

Improve employee health and wellbeing by:

1. Increasing awareness of health status
2. Increasing sugar awareness
3. Educating and empowering to make healthy lifestyle changes

Employer benefits

Improve organizational culture and productivity by:

1. Reducing costs associated with presenteeism and absenteeism
2. Enhancing staff engagement, motivation and morale
3. Enhancing recruitment potential and retention of healthy employees

How it works

Delivered over eight consecutive weeks, the program addresses key behavioural factors that contribute to excess added sugar intake and increased risk of chronic disease. Our proprietary program steps participants through a series of modules covering sugar, stress and sleep, food shopping and meal planning, to help participants make informed food choices for themselves [and their family].

  • Modules are designed by qualified, accredited nutritionists and dietitian, and are delivered through a combination of in-house support, videos and email content containing individual and group activities.
  • Each module introduces a new topic, designed to educate and guide participants to make incremental steps towards improving diet, lifestyle habits and reducing their added sugar intake.
  • A qualified nutritionist is assigned to your organisation to deliver training and guide your team through the eight week period.
  • Scientific backing in the form of wellness assessments and blood tests pre- and post-program, provided through our partnership with Sonic Pathology – providing actionable information into issues such as blood glucose, liver health, lipid and cholesterol levels, diet, stress, sleep and general wellbeing.
  • Results are provided to the individual for their information, with data then aggregated to provide employers with a macro view of how their investment has directly impacted staff health and wellbeing.

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Here's what your staff will say

“Absolutely loved it! And so did my partner. I was more engaged in what we bought in the supermarket and food prepared at home. Huge win-win!“
Here's what your staff will say

“This was a really good thing to do as part of building our positive culture.“
Here's what your staff will say

“It was an interesting and thought provoking program that has definitely made me think of what I eat and how much sugar I am consuming with each meal, snack, drink.“
Here's what your staff will say

“The best thing, once you know how to read a food label, is you can’t unlearn it. The knowledge stays with you and is so easy to apply everyday. A really good program.“
Here's what your staff will say

“We do a lot here around team-building and skills training, but this was one program that really helped me in all areas of life, and I can really feel the benefits. Thank you.”
Here's what your staff will say

“I exercise regularly and eat well, but this really opened my eyes on some of the basic things – like breakfast, and how I could get it right for me and my family. I feel amazing.”

Our program delivers compelling results


Reported improved health & wellbeing overall.


Had made healthier snack selections at work


Experienced improved productivity and increased energy levels at work.


Reported an increased awareness of hidden sugar in their eating habits.

Perfect for companies with a largely office-based workforce, looking for a way to create employee value beyond the workplace.

If you want to invest in a corporate wellness program that truly creates a healthy culture, contact That Sugar Movement to find out more.

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