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Early Learning Toolkit

A complete toolkit, designed in conjunction with our nutritionists and early learning experts.

Reducing added sugar consumption in our children

Many children are consuming too much added sugar – not only from discretionary foods but from foods that are commonly perceived (and marketed) as healthy.

The impacts of high sugar consumption have been well-documented. A diet that’s high in added sugar increases the risk of chronic diseases – such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and liver disease – and can affect children’s learning and development.

Sugar also is a major contributor to poor oral health, which can, in turn, impact overall bodily health. Dental caries (tooth decay) is the most prevalent, yet preventable, childhood disease.

Early learning centres offer an ideal environment in which to influence the eating habits of our youngest generations.

In Australia, around 77% of children attend early learning education care. Some children spend the majority of their waking day in care, receiving up to 80% of their daily nutrition requirements from the centre.
"Data indicates that more than 16,000 Victorian’s experience preventable hospitalisation due to dental conditions each year. Over 6,000 of these are children."

Victoria Oral Health Alliance (VOHA)

About the Toolkit

Constructed around key messages from That Sugar Film, this teaching resource is designed to inform and engage educators, kitchen staff, children, and parents. Its aim is to increase sugar awareness, improve the nutrition and health of children, and establish a firm foundation for healthy food choices.

Available in hard copy, the guide is to assist educators in delivering the content to the children. The content is delivered in modules, covering three key topics in children’s nutrition:

  1. Fruit & vegetables
  2. Hydration
  3. Breakfast

This complete toolkit has been designed in conjunction with our nutritionists and early learning experts and includes a collection of kid-friendly, nutritious recipes. In addition, each module contains a learning activity that can be linked to Early Years Learning Framework Outcomes.

That Sugar Movement

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RRP $110 AUD

Included in this Toolkit:

  • An educators’ folder of module content and activities
  • That Sugar Film DVD
  • Tools and Planning templates to help evaluate food and nutrition at your centre.
  • A collection of kid-friendly recipes for your centre
  • Additional online digital resources
  • PLUS 20x recipe booklets for parents to use at home.

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The program has been wonderful for supporting and extending our nutrition program. The emphasis on sugar provided valuable information for our families and educators.

Jenny's ELC, Epsom

It was something that we try to implement every day already...and just reinforced the learning again. We have parents that are very passionate about this topic. This supported them.

Nurture One, Napier Street Children's Centre

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