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Happy (and healthier) Halloween!


What might be the scariest part of Halloween? That this “trick or treat” occasion is now synonymous with gathering hordes of sugary junk foods.

While a little added sugar is okay for most, on special occasion days – such as Halloween – kids can end up with a huge cache and easily overconsume the sweet “treats”.

This sugar smash results in a sugar crash, and the effects can linger for days. Think irritability, tiredness, poor concentration, and the desire to eat more sweets.

The good news is we can still have Halloween fun without going overboard on added sugar! Here are some food ideas to help prepare you and your kids.

Start the day with a good breakfast

If you know your littluns are destined to consume sugary sweets, fill bellies and stablise energy levels by feeding them nutrient-dense real, whole foods.

Include sources of protein, healthy fats, and fibre, especially at breakfast, such as eggs, plain yoghurt, or whole oat porridge. This will help reduce the severity of a sugar-hit when they eventually have some.

We’ve some great healthy meal ideas for kids and sugar swaps for kids to get you on the right track.

Maintain this approach to all meals throughout the day, while also limiting any ultra-processed, heavily refined, and high added sugar foods.

Make an agreement for when the “treats” can be enjoyed

If your kids are partaking in some trick or treating, before they set out manage expectations by discussing how much they can enjoy on the day, and what can be stored away to have in small amounts in future. Have them choose a few favourites from their bounty, and put away the rest.

Enjoy no added sugar “treats”

Making “treats” without added sugar is a great way to ensure your kids – and any kids that come to your door – aren’t only loaded up with the sugary stuff.

Here are some ideas if you want to whip up some Halloween themed goodies!

Creepy cheese

Choose “creepy cheese” over a packet of sherbert or a handful of lollies!

Get a Halloween themed cookie cutter and cut out spooky cheddar shapes – so easy to make! Or go next level by heating some mozzarella and press into Halloween shaped moulds, like these Skull and Crossbones by Hungry Happenings. Fun!

Cheesy Skull and Crossbones! Source: Hungry Happenings
Cheesy Skull and Crossbones! Source: Hungry Happenings
Frozen ‘boo’nana pops

Peel a bunch of bananas and chop each in half widthways. Insert a pop stick or skewer into the end of each. Take the pops and dip into plain yoghurt (which you can choose to pre-flavour yourself with a little vanilla and cinnamon – highly recommended!), creating a coating that is as smooth as possible. Place the coated bananas pops onto a tray covered with baking paper, and press three cacao nibs or small raisins toward the tapered top of the yoghurt covered banana to create two eyes and a nose. Put in the freezer for several hours and you have a deliciously spooky yet healthy “treat”!

Spooky Halloween mandarin faces 

On the peel of mandarin, draw funny or spooky faces using a sharpie/texta marker. Here is an example below, but have fun with it – there is plenty of inspiration for different face designs online!

Halloween Mandarin Spooky Faces. Image credit: Canva
Monster mouths

Cut unpeeled green or red apples into large wedges, then cut out a smaller wedge from the large wedges. This creates the mouth space that can be filled with a tasty spread, such as 100% peanut or nut butter, no added sugar strawberry chia jam, or cream cheese. Arrange roughly chopped nuts, such as peanuts or almonds, to create teeth.

Check out this classic example by Oh She Glows, and be sure not to waste the leftover apple!

3-Ingredient Halloween Apple Bites. Source: Oh She Glows
Fudgy chocolate nut butter cookies

While these aren’t specifically “Halloween”, these cookies are tasty and subtly sweet. Better for you and a good alternative to the standard chocolate bar!

Check out our Fudgy Nut Butter Cookie recipe!

A chocolate bar alternative! Credit: That Sugar Movement
Halloween pumpkin creams

Halloween doesn’t need to be all about the kids! Try these Halloween pumpkin creams – a deliciously decadent “treat” for the grown-ups.

01 Halloween Pumpkin Creams
A little Halloween ‘treat’ for the grown-ups. Source: That Sugar Movement


Happy Halloween, folks!

By Angela Johnson (BHSc Nut Med)

P.S. If you have ways to tackle the onslaught of sugar on Halloween, we’d love to hear from you!

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