That Sugar Movement

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Explore ideas and resources with your students

Looking for ways to encourage students to think about how they might respond to the issues raised in the film?

Have them explore the following questions:

  1. Do you think the film will change how people think or feel about the issues explored in the film, or encourage them to change their own behaviour?
  2. Are there any issues in the film that stood out for you? Consider the following:
    • Hidden sugar
    • Physical health
    • Mental health
    • Dental health
    • Indigenous health
    • Food labelling
    • Consumer Guidance
    • Marketing and advertising
    • Education
  3. Has the film influenced how you think or feel about the issues it explored? How you will respond to those issues?

We also encourage students to explore these additional sugar-related links for further thinking, exploration, and in-class discussion.
Campaigns & resources

Campaigns & resources

Look further into sugar-related topics, such as health-related issues, government initiatives, and other campaigns tackling sugar consumption.



Explore commonly asked questions by our community on sugar and health, especially the nutrition-related content.



Create tasty and nutritious food without added sugar in class or at home.

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That Sugar Movement